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I started reading tarot cards when I was 19. A friend of my sister had bought a tarot deck and did a reading for me and several other people. The only reading that he did that was even remotely accurate was the one he did for me. I thought the cards were the coolest thing ever! I went out and bought my first deck, The Mythic Tarot, along with the workbook that went with it. I practiced doing readings for myself and then started doing them for others.

The Mythic Tarot is based on Greek mythology, something I was familiar with so it made it easier to relate to the cards. The cards below are Demeter as The Empress and Persephone as The High Priestess. Notice even though Presephone/High Priestess is underground, you see the steps leading up into the light, the same scenery we see in the Demeter/Empress card. This is a beautiful deck and even though I have many decks, this is the one I usually use for readings. It was unavailable for many years but was recently re-released. The newer version has changed the images slightly so it is not, in my opinion, as nice as the original.

Through the years, I have done readings for friends and family that were very accurate. When my sister was doing her yearly Spring Fling, I decided to do readings at this event. The feedback was excellent. So far, this was the only event where I do in-person readings.

I started doing readings by phone many years ago as it gave me a way to offer them without worrying about Michigan's unpredictable weather and any fees renting space somewhere. At the shows/fairs I do, I sell products so its hard to offer readings at these events.

About The Name: Tarot Temptress

When I first got online in late 1999, I needed an online name for my CompuServe account. Using my real name is too boring! I wanted something cool that really related to me. I came up with several but I liked Tarot Temptress the best. Whenever I told friends or family my online name, they said "that's you" so I guess it is a good one.

About The Logo Artwork

When I saw the drawing I use at the top of this site, I was obsessed with it. It looks enough like me that when I showed it to my sister, she thought an artist friend of ours drew it of me! I have used this image when advertising my tarot readings so naturally I wanted it on the website.

The drawing is done by Luis Royo and is on the cover of the book titled The Labyrinth Tarot. He is an amazing artist, you may have seen some of his drawings in "Heavy Metal" magazine. He often draws women nude or in very scanty clothing, but if you look beyond that, you will see he always makes them powerful. I love his fantasy drawings when the women have fantastic swords or knives. He often draws a beautiful woman with a monstrous beast, in fact he has published several books of these drawings. I think he is an immensely talented artist. I have this tarot deck along with another he created, Dark Tarot.

About Me

My name is Laura and I live in Michigan. I am self-employed with several businesses.

I handcraft jewelry, pendulums, incense, candles, and other items that are sold on the Infinite Flame website and at shows in Michigan. I was a regular at the Holistic Festivals at Gibraltar Trade Center until it closed. I now do Holistic / Psychic shows in many cities and occasionally do a craft show.

I have a freelance computer business, I create websites and other materials for businesses in both digital and print form.

I have a line of glycerin soaps I make and sell under the name Naked Soaps.

I also houseclean two days a week which I choose to look at as getting paid to exercise. I used to do this three or four days a week as this was my main way to pay the bills but in May of 2014, I injured by back and need to find other sources of income. I am healed but still limited to what I can do as I do not want to go through that again.

Personally, I have a loving, supportive family including my parents, one brother, and one sister. I was in a long term relationship that ended with his death, an event that changed my life and put me on the road that led to many changes including sharing my gift of tarot reading.

I am a true Leo, born on August 13. It was a Friday and three minutes to midnight. My dad joked at the time they had a little witch, he had no idea how true that statement was! Below is the Queen of Wands card from the deck, which relates to the sign of Leo. It is one of my favorite cards from the deck.

Spiritually, I am High Priestess Rhiannon Rose. I practice the craft of the wise, I am a witch but not wiccan. I used to create and host rituals for the 8 holidays of the Wheel of the Year. I approach my various crafts (soap, jewelry, pendulums, charms, ect) with the energies of Mother Earth and the elements in mind. I create these things with the intention of improving the purchaser's life in some way. I like to share my spiritual gifts and knowledge, and this includes my gift of tarot reading through this website.

~~ Thank you for your interest and Blessed Be ~~

© 2023 Tarot Temptress


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