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What the Tarot IS.....and What it is NOT

Tarot cards are tools used to gain insight and knowledge. The images on the cards illustrate various activities and beings in such a way as to help one to see a situation from another point of view, or to offer clues as to how to proceed. They show us the how and why of a situation and offer advice based on the path one is currently on. If one changes this path, then the outcome predicted will be changed too. Nothing is fixed or fated with tarot cards, if the prophesied ending is not to your liking, YOU can change it.

I believe the cards do not "tell the future". What they really do is help you to see what influences are causing the problem and point out factors that you have not considered. They give you more information about what you are experiencing and thus arm you with the knowledge you need to fix the problem. In this way, they empower you. The power of the tarot cards is nothing compared to the power of you.

Tarot cards are not of the devil and they themselves are not evil. I mean really.....can an object made of paper be either good or evil? They can be used for evil by unscrupulous people.

They do not bring bad luck and are not omens of death. The Death card really means that one thing will end so another can begin, the end of a situation. I guess, in theory, that could be interpreted as death and reincarnation, and lets face it, people do die. So in reality, the cards could tell you about an upcoming death ( a reading once told me of an upcoming time of sadness and then I found out that my aunt was ill. I stopped doing readings during her illness and for a while after her death). But beware the reader who tells you someone is going to die and for another $100 will tell you who and how. And whereas the cards may indicate that some outside influence is causing your problem, also beware the reader who says you are cursed and for the small fee of $500 will lift this curse from you (especially since I'll lift it for $50....just kidding).

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